CSUB celebrates 40 years

Remember the sheep that used to graze around Faculty Towers in the early days of CSUB?

From the days of bell-bottom jeans and long hair braided with flowers to today’s body art and text messaging, students have found a home at CSU Bakersfield. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of CSUB, a special Web site has been launched to give people a peek into the university’s storied past and a means to share stories about the university. The site is located at csub.edu/40th.

If you have a memory to share about CSUB, please visit the site and click the link for “Your Story.” Here is one story from Doug E. White:

“I moved into a little apartment on Union Avenue in March of 1970 to teach for the Bakersfield City School District. Having just completed my teaching credential from Cal State Los Angeles, I was interested in continuing my master’s degree at the new college, Cal State Bakersfield. Of course, I discovered there was no MA program. Nevertheless, one Sunday afternoon I headed out Brundage Lane/Stockdale Highway to see the new campus. Civilization ended at the Methodist Church at Monclair Street. As I drove past miles of cotton fields, I thought I was lost until I finally came upon the campus. I couldn’t believe they built a college so far out in the sticks. It was in the middle of no-where, and so small! Later, in the mid-70s, I attended classes in the new science building for another credential, witnessing how the campus was growing. Now, as a 60+ Club and OLLI member, I’m on the campus several times a week. Urbanization has surrounded the much-larger CSUB and extends for miles beyond. Oh, how our city and university have grown.”