Playing with sand and food in the name of earth science

Robert Kelty, left, and Joseph Scott, both geology students at CSUB, show how they use Cheerios and pipe cleaners to mimic tree rings for a paleoclimatology lesson they're developing as part of the SJV Rocks! earth science curriculum development program at CSUB on Tuesday, June 29, 2010.

CSUB geologists and students have been playing with Cheerios, Jell-O and sand over the past couple of weeks – all in the name of science. They’re helping local earth science teachers develop classroom lessons to teach their sixth grade and high school students. We had a chance to drop in on the program, funded by a National Science Foundation grant. We saw fun, innovative lessons being developed, such as stringing different colored Cheerios and Fruit Loops on pipe cleaners to mimic tree rings. They also experimented with Jell-O recipes to find the right consistency in order to take “core samples” from the layers. And they pulled and pushed apart plastic bins of sand to demonstrate the formation of faults in the earth. Read the full story here. And to see more photos, visit our Facebook photo gallery.