The Results Are In

For the fifth straight year, a record number of California High School juniors voluntarily took the Early Assessment Program (EAP), which tests their college readiness in English and math.

The results are in, and things are looking up, especially in English.

According to the report released today by the CSU, English proficiency saw a five percent increase statewide — up from 16 percent a year ago to 21 percent today. This is the first significant increase in the five years of testing.

Improvements were also made in Kern County, though local high schools lag a bit behind the statewide average. 15 percent of local juniors who took the test are ready for credit-earning English at the CSU, up from 11 percent last year.

In the math department, 52 percent of local 11th graders who took the test demonstrated full or conditional college readiness — the statewide average is 57 percent.

While these results are encouraging, we still have a long way to go it seems.

It’s clear that teachers are better preparing students for success at the college level, while students understand now more than ever the importance of being prepared before beginning their college careers.

But why haven’t we seen sharper increases in test results over the years? What’s holding these students back?

Whatever the answer, it’s imperative that EAP test results continue to improve.

With upwards of 60 percent of first-time freshman in the CSU system requiring remedial English, math or both, the cost in time and money to these students and the state is substantial.

The more students who are prepared on day one, the better off everyone will be at the end of the day.

— By Rob Meszaros, CSUB Director of Public Affairs and Communications