Do the Dracula

“Cover your mouth!” It’s an explicit order that has been barked out by millions of parents and teachers since the beginning of time.

But apparently it’s no longer OK to sneeze right into your hands. I learned this recently as my three-year-old son showed me his snot-filled sleeve after a sneezing attack. My wife, who’s a teacher, was quick to point out: “that’s the right way to do it now; it’s how we teach it in school.”

This was news to me, and a lot of people I presume. According to a study by the University of Otago, fewer than 5 percent of people cough and sneeze the right way to prevent the spread of germs.

For this reason, the CSUB Nursing Department has embarked on a campaign to spread the word throughout campus about appropriate respiratory hygiene as we enter the cold and Flu season. (check out their quirky video here).

As illustrated in this poster, they are encouraging the campus community to “Do the Dracula” by covering your cough and sneeze with your sleeve!

Help spread the word, not the germs.

— Rob Meszaros, Director of Public Affairs and Communications


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