E-Waste event benefits community, CSUB

So the holidays are over. Your trousers are tighter than they were three weeks ago, your wallet’s thinner and your closets are brimming with all that outdated stuff that was replaced during last month’s gift-giving frenzy.

Because electronics — computers, cell phones, TVs, toasters and the like — are among the most popular gifts, many of us are now stuck with a bunch of e-junk cluttering up our lives.

Don’t simply throw this stuff away. First, it’s unlawful. Second, it’s not safe. Electronics generally contain hazardous materials like lead and mercury that can contaminate land and water if they find their way to landfills.

Not to worry. CSUB has a convenient way to recycle your e-junk. Just bring it down to the dirt lot on the south side of campus on Friday or Saturday (Jan. 7 & 8).

The sixth annual E-Waste Recycling Event will be held each day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The event is free and open to all residents or businesses.

While most things that can be plugged into a wall socket or take batteries will be accepted, there are some exceptions. Large items like refrigerators or clothes dryers can’t be accommodated. Also, batteries and light bulbs should be taken out of electronics before disposal. (But don’t throw those in the garbage either – it’s unlawful as well. Recycle them at the Kern County Hazardous Waste Facility. Learn more here: http://www.kerncountywaste.com/res-hazardous-waste)

CSUB’s E-Waste Recycling program not only provides a great service to the community, but there are financial benefits to the university as well. CSUB receives funds based on the number of pounds of e-waste collected. Any profit from the event is pumped back into CSUB’s own recycling initiatives.

For example, you may have noticed the new blue and gold trash/recycling receptacles around campus. These were paid for from the proceeds from previous e-waste events. The containers encourage the campus community to “think before you throw,” and will be an integral part of a new recycling campaign called “Recyclemania” that will begin next month.

Stay tuned.

— Rob Meszaros, CSUB Director of Public Affairs and Communications