Student-Athletes honor MVPs (Most Valuable Professors)

Faculty join student-athletes on the court for the first annual MVP (Most Valuable Professor) Awards on Jan. 9.
Faculty join student-athletes on the court for the first annual MVP (Most Valuable Professor) Awards on Jan. 9.

At the women’s basketball game on Sunday, Jan. 9, Roadrunner student-athletes held the first annual MVP awards. But they weren’t honoring fellow athletes. Rather, they were honoring the Most Valuable Professors that have made an impact on their college career.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President, and ‘Runner baseball pitcher, Mike McCarthy said the following during half-time, then called out each honoree to the floor.

“On behalf of the 17 Division I student-athletes, I would like to say thank you to all faculty, staff, and administrators who have supported and impacted our academic and athletic careers at CSUB. Today and going forward is an opportunity for CSUB Athletics to recognize all faculty that help make our success possible. This is the inaugural CSUB Most Valuable Professor Awards, and we look forward to continuing this appreciation annually.  At this time we would like all faculty, staff and administrators to please stand and be recognized.

The professors that we will recognize today were nominated by student athletes who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher during the winter, spring and fall 2010 academic quarters. Each Student-Athlete who has a 3.0 GPA during that time has chosen a professor that has had a significant impact on their success in the classroom and on the playing field thus far at CSUB.”

The following professors were then called forward:

  • Dr. Marianne Abramson was nominated by Lindy Degeare.
  • Mr. Michael Ault was nominated by Dalton Kelley.
  • Dr. Kim Brown was nominated by Stephanie Donnelly.
  • Dr. Mary Doucet was nominated by Tyler Iwamura.
  • Mr. Michael Flachmann was nominated by Julian Mannix, Ashlee Thornycroft, Veronica Dimas, Julie Hutton, Korina Barefield, and David Mitchell.
  • Mr. Anthony Flores was nominated by Allison Cote, and Bre Flores.
  • Mrs. Kris Grappendorf was nominated by Korie Walkley.
  • Dr. Jackie Kegley was nominated by Mike McCarthy.
  • Dr. Michelle Kinder was nominated by Jamie Havelin.
  • Dr. Roy LeFever was nominated by Arianne Celis.
  • Dr. Brian McNamara was nominated by Nick Shannon, Dave Morgan, and Elijah Nacita.
  • Ms. Doris McPhentridge was nominated by Sharena Gonder.
  • Dr. Jeff Moffit was nominated by Rachel McCall, Tammy Barksdale, Jessica Fogeltanz, Leanne Tucker, and Faith Perry.
  • Dr. BJ Moore was nominated by Breana Fields.
  • Ms. Kristen Paul was nominated by Katrina Thomas.
  • Mr. Kent Price was nominated by Lauren Holderman, Kristine Herman, Brooke Penney, Brandon Washington, Jessica Browning, and Amanda Nesbit.
  • Zoey Saba was nominated by Lindsay Toone.
  • Dr. Brett Schmoll was nominated by Kori Thomas, and Samantha Shead.
  • Dr. Donna Simmons was nominated by Sarah Gaskins.
  • Dr. John Stark was nominated by Maritza Rumbo, and Danielle Gong
  • Dr. Susan Stafinbil was nominated by Jordan Reed.
  • Dr. Miriam Vivian was nominated by Joey Granata.
  • Dr. Eugene Wang was nominated by Sam Barnhart.
  • Dr. Dawn White was nominated by Jessica Montano.
  • Mr. Michael Wilkins was nominated by Collin Ellis.