CSUB professor receives grant to further research

Earlier this month, CSUB Professor of Anthropology, Brian Hemphill traveled to Pakistan at the request of the US Consulate to present his paper “Dental Anthropology as a Bridge between the Past, the Present and the Future in Pakistan” at the conference on “Cultural Heritage Issues in Pakistan: Archaeology, Museums and Conservation.”

His paper will also be included in an edited symposium volume that will be published in both Pakistan and the United States. This is clearly an important event in our international relations with this key US ally and it speaks to the high quality of Brian’s research that he has been invited to participate.

Brian returned with more good news. While in Pakistan he was informed by the Pakistan Higher Education Commission that they have agreed to fund continued research activities with a grant of 5.1 million rupees (~ $60, 000 at today’s exchange rate). This research will allow him to continue collecting dental casts as in the past, but also buccal swab samples for DNA analysis. This will allow direct comparison of these widely used techniques for determination of relatedness between members of contemporary ethnic groups, something that has not been done before.

Congratulating Brian on this prestigious award.

PHOTO: Brian and one of his field chiefs, Muhammed Zahir Khan, making dental impressions among the Kalasha, a tribal people living in three isolated alpine valleys of Pakistan along the Afghan border.

— CSUB Office of Public Affairs on Communications