Student Praises Kegley Lecture

Last Saturday morning as I was reading The Bakersfield Californian, I happened upon a nice note from a CSUB student that was published as a letter to the Editor. It is so refreshing when I come across examples of students showing pride in their University.
Following is the letter. Enjoy.

— Rob Meszaros, Director of Public Affairs and Communications


I am a student at CSUB, and I am writing to share with you of the once in a lifetime event that I attended at the Dore’ Theatre last night.  Sponsored by the Norman Levan Center for the Humanities, San Joaquin Community Hospital and Kern Medical Center, and hosted by The Kegley Institute of Ethics was a talk by renowned author, poet, scholar, and human, Andrei’ Codrescu.

I wish to share how fortunate I feel to be a CSUB student at this time, when the admission to the talk was free with my student Identification card!

I was thoroughly engaged, amused, shocked at times, and completely enthralled.  What an honor to be in the same audience as scholars, fans, and students, as we all were blessed with the message that Mr. Codrescu came to impart.

As an avid Facebook user, I have seen the positives of this new media, and I have used it to attempt to promote art, culture, discourse, and activism amongst my friends and other world-dwellers. I am thankful for Mr. Codrescu’s perspective, of our need and desire for a “Global Village,” battling with the loss of intimate conversation and face-to-face contact.

If I had to be brief, which is difficult for me when I am so very impressed with a person and their influence within the world around all of us, I would simply say, “Bravo and wow.”

To the sponsors and administrators of the event, to The Kegley Institute of Ethics, to CSUB President Horace Mitchell, and of course, to Andrei’ Codrescu, I give a heart-felt “thank you.”

—  Jess Petersen, CSUB Class of 2011, Philosophy Major