Exhibit features ‘Last Paintings’ of George Ketterl

The Wizard Dances With Abandon by George Ketterl
"The Wizard Dances With Abandon" by George Ketterl
Incantations At Kileauea by George Ketterl
"Incantations At Kileauea" by George Ketterl

It is with equal measures of sadness and happiness that the Todd Madigan Gallery and the Art Department present “The Last Paintings” by George Ketterl, a founding faculty member of CSUB who joined the campus in 1970 and passed away on Nov. 2, 2010.

George’s life as an artist and a teacher might be over but the everlasting effects on us all, students and colleagues alike, are indelible – these “Last Paintings” are some of the finest he ever made. They will be on show at the Todd Madigan Gallery exhibiting their finest layers of light, wit and intelligence. An opening reception will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, April 7, and the exhibit will continue through May 7.

George Ketterl managed to remain young by being inquisitive, sensitive and generous.  He kept his finger on the pulse of the 21st Century and shared everything he learned with his students and colleagues. Although his main medium was steeped in the ancient traditions of painting, he managed to reinvent the medium using modern processes and research tools. George’s “Last Paintings” are a combination of his travels in hyper-reality and the real world. He used layers of inkjet printed canvases with silk and oil paint – layers of conflicting information to create a new whole, built up with pattern, poetry and passion.

In his words:

“The accelerated tempo of the world has expanded the need for consciousness and awareness in every aspect of life. New or previously unseen dimensions and relationships between things require a more thoughtful involvement on one hand and a willingness to be as open as possible on the other.  Aesthetic perspectives are simple starting points for the process of making the work. I want to go places in the work where I haven’t gone before. Each new body of work starts with a step past what I know, into the abyss. Digital images are points of departure rather than decisions for specific ends. The choice of what to use is left to the moment when perception and choice come together.” – George Ketterl, Venice, California, 2009

George Ketterl was a prominent artist, exhibiting internationally and receiving commissions for his paintings in locations as varied as Florida and the Netherlands. Besides numerous exhibitions in the United States, he also exhibited throughout Europe. His most recent exhibitions in Los Angeles were at L2Kontemporary in Chinatown and Hunsaker/Schlesinger in Bergamot Station, where he had several one-person exhibitions.

George received several grants and awards including a Ford Foundation Fellowship, a Danforth Foundation Fellowship and a National Endowment for the Arts Award.  He received a bachelor of science degree from Moorhead State College and a master of fine arts from Claremont Graduate School.

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