Chemistry Department celebrates first academic program review

CSUB Chemistry Department
Chemistry Department Chair Andreas Gebauer, CSUB Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Soraya Coley, and School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dean Julio Blanco sign the first Memorandum of Understanding Academic Program.
Chemistry Department 2
From left: Chemistry faculty David Saiki, Interm Associate Dean of NSM Kamel Haddad, chemistry faculty Tiffany Pawluk, Interim Associate VP of Academic Programs Carl Kemnitz, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs Soraya Coley, Chemistry Chair Andreas Gebauer, NSM Dean Julio Blanco, and chemistry faculty Danielle Solano, Miriam Buschhaus and Sam Hudson.

On Friday, May 13, faculty from the CSUB Chemistry Department celebrated the completion and signing of a document that will carry them forward in their mission to provide an excellent education to students. Amid cake and balloons, the Chemistry Department became the first department at CSUB to sign the new Memorandum of Understanding Academic Program (MOUAP), a process that Soraya Coley, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, will carry forward with all academic departments at CSUB.

“The Academic Program Review provides the department faculty an opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments over a five to seven year period, including reaffirming the program’s mission, examining students’ engagement in the major and achievement of learning outcomes, while also identifying challenges and exploring new opportunities,” Coley explains. “It is not only a time for the faculty to ‘look back,’ but it is equally important to ‘look forward’ and embed the program within a larger context of new curricular and/or pedagogical developments within the field. The Memorandum of Understanding represents an agreement with the department, the Dean, and the Provost on actions to be taken and resources that will be provided (subject to budget availability) in support of demonstrated academic excellence. The Department of Chemistry is the first program to complete the newly revised process and on behalf of the University, we congratulate the faculty, staff, and Dean for a very successful review!”

According to Julio Blanco, Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Office of the Dean is very pleased to work with the Department of Chemistry and the Office of the Provost in supporting the Department’s academic mission over the next few years. He writes, “The Department of Chemistry is the first unit in NSM to have completed the new program review process and they are congratulated!”

Andreas Gebauer, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry also was on-hand to sign the document: “The Department of Chemistry is honored to be the first academic program to complete the revised program review process that was approved by the CSUB Academic Senate in the spring of 2010. The MOUAP is the result of the careful review process comprised of the self study, the external review of the program, and the review by the University Program Review Committee (UPRC). The commitments made in this document are an essential component and give the program review process meaning. The faculty of the department will use all resources allocated to us responsibly and in a manner that advances the Department’s, the School’s, and CSUB’s mission.”

– Jennifer Baldwin, CSUB Public Affairs Coordinator