Job shadowing program gives students taste of professions

Students, looking for a way to make professional connections? Consider job shadowing with the Academic Advising and Resource Center!

The “Beyond your Major” project is a brand new job shadowing program, inspired by the AARC’s undeclared students. Through the program, CSUB students spend one work day shadowing a Bakersfield professional in their field of interest. Students spend the day simply observing the professional’s day to day life at work, but also have the opportunity to ask questions of their host as well as other staff they work with to gain a practical understanding of what their desired job is like and what it will take to get there. Students participating in this program may decide after their shadowing experience that they love their proposed field, or they may find that they hate it. Either is okay.

The “Beyond your Major” program is not an internship program, but a one day job-shadowing program. However the professional connections students make during their shadowing experience could lead to a internship or employment opportunity.

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