RecycleMania 2012 kicks off at CSUB

Students stack soda cans at the RecycleMania Kickoff on Feb. 6 at the CSUB Student Union Patio.
CSUB President, Dr. Horace Mitchell, shares a laugh with the Bag Monster, who represents the number of plastic sacks an average family uses in a year.

What does a bag monster, a group of energized CSUB students and CSUB President Horace Mitchell have in common? A desire to increase awareness and educate our students about recycling and sustainability.

An event today at the Student Union Patio kicks off CSUB’s participation in the 2012 RecycleMania Tournament, where colleges in both the United States and Canada compete to see who can reduce the most waste by recycling. Though the competition is friendly, CSUB’s ASI members and President Mitchell are serious about reducing our carbon footprint and increasing sustainability.

“We are proud of the students continuing their commitment to recycling and sustainability. These students are role models in the community,” said President Mitchell of the ASI students organizing the event.

“We are very excited and hope to do better than last year. We have planned out two events per week to raise awareness,” said ASI President and criminal justice senior Lauren Goodsi.

At the kickoff, students played games with used and recyclable items, including stacking towers of empty soda cans. Students traced their hands with permanent markers and signed a banner to make a “Green Pledge,” which will be hung on campus. And in a tradition started with last year’s competition, the infamous Bag Monster was on hand to provide a visual display of just how many plastic bags the average household wastes annually.

Although the 2012 RecycleMania Tournament ends March 31, it is hoped the event encourages students to recycle whenever possible throughout the year. Follow the CSUB RecycleMania website for weekly scores, and check out this promo video about how Rowdy Roadrunner and the CSUB Cheer Squad are getting ready to recycle rumble.

– Brady Cabe, CSUB Public Affairs Student Assistant