International students take center stage

CSUB students perform a dance from Japan at the International Dinner on April 20, 2012. Photo by CSUB student Reynaldo Juban.

CSUB students from across the world took center stage on April 20 during the annual International Dinner.

This year, more than 200 students, staff, faculty and community members attended the event, held in the Runner Café. The dinner, featuring 22 handmade dishes, was sponsored by CSUB’s International Programs Office as well as the students participating in the campus-wide International Club.

The 22 dishes served at the dinner included: chicken biriyani rice from Sri Lanka, bibimbop from Korea, quiche from France, tortilla Española from Venezuela, platanos con queso y bocadillo from Colombia, red beets salad from Poland, Turkish pesto, fruit salad from Saudi Arabia and much more!

The April 20 event also boasted unique entertainment – name cards that featured guests’ names translated into Arabic, information about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as nine dances from across the world. They included dances from Brazil, Venezuela, Africa, the Middle East, Korea, Japan and India.

Special thanks for the event go to: Dr. Ron Hughes, the International Club Faculty Advisor, David Corral of Aramark, as well as the international students who worked hard to bring the event to life, and members of the 60+ Club for volunteering and serving.