New online tools help CSUB students plan for degrees

My Planner, through myCSUB, now allows students to plan their desired course schedules through 2015. Click on the image to watch a video about how to use My Planner.

CSUB now offers two functions in myCSUB that will be very helpful to all students. They are the Degree Progress Report (or Academic Advisement Report) and the My Planner tool.

Degree Progress Report

CSUB has created degree audits for every undergrad major and minor, every master’s program, and every credential program. These audits show the students all of their graduation requirements (GE, major, minor), all the courses that can be taken to satisfy each requirement, and which courses they have taken that do satisfy requirements. It’s an unofficial grad check. Students should never be surprised any more when they get their grad check back from the evaluators!

Accessing a copy of your report is easy: After logging into MyCSUB, from the Student Center, click on the “other academic” drop-down menu and select “Academic Requirements.” Wait a few moments and the report will appear. We strongly recommend that you take a copy of your report to your advisor. For very detailed instructions on each section and icon, download this PDF instruction guide.

My Planner

This tool in myCSUB lets students plan exactly which courses they want to take and designate the term in which they want to take each one. My Planner takes the students into their degree progress report, and lets them select courses to satisfy any or all unmet requirements, and then lets them assign each course to the term in which they hope to take it. Students can select courses and assign them to terms through 2015. It’s a great planning tool for the students! And, even better, the administrators and departments will be getting lists for each term that show how many students have planned for each course. The expectation is that the administrators and department chairs will then schedule enough sections in future terms to meet the demand indicated on those lists.

Click here to see a video of how to use My Planner.

To see a PDF instruction guide, click on this link.

If you have any questions about the Degree Progress Report or My Planner, contact Dr. John Dirkse, Director of Academic Operations and Support, at 661-654-6181 or at