University Council Meeting and Discussion of Prop 30

The University Council met to discuss Proposition 30 and the current campus budget Friday, November 16, 2012 in the Student Union Multi-purpose room at 10:00am.  To encourage participation in as many forms as possible, in addition to the live audience the event was streamed live and questions were taken real-time through Facebook and Twitter.

The forum began with coverage of the campus budget and how the passage of Proposition 30 will affect California State University, Bakersfield. Dr. Horace Mitchell, President, CSUB, stated because of the voters’ approval of Prop 30, CSU Bakersfield will see no additional funds but instead has been spared a “trigger cut” of $4.1 million.

Additionally, a student fee increase of $166 per quarter that was put into effect in fall 2012 in anticipation of the trigger cut, has been rescinded and students who paid the fee will see that fee reimbursed. However, refunding the student fees will mean a reduction of $132 in the CSU state-wide budget and a $2.6 million budget reduction here at CSUB. To find out if you qualify, check your student activity in myCSUB account and if you have further questions on your specific situation, visit Financial Aid.

Furthermore, the permanent reduction for Academic Affairs was augmented with temporary funds allowing every department to retain the same budget as the previous fiscal year; however in 2013-2014 a permanent reduction of $4.6 million will be taken.

President, Dr. Mitchell stated, “This campus has continued to make progress even in the midst… (of) these difficult times.”

The slides and charts used during the forum will be made available on the CSUB website under Budget Central where you can also review the Budget Forum Video in the near future.

For questions relating to Financial Aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at (661) 654-3016. For questions relating to your student account please contact the Student Financial Services Office at (661) 654-3225.

Lizet Vazquez – CSUB Public Affairs and Communications Intern

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