Grad Profile – Ed Webb, BA in Communications: Digital Media

More than just video games

Story by Lizet Vazquez, CSUB Public Affairs Intern

Photo by Irma Cervantes, CSUB Public Affairs Coordinator


Like many students at CSUB, Edward Webb made the decision to return to school and complete his Bachelors degree. That wasn’t all he wanted though, he also wanted to make a difference. Returning to school after a long gap is difficult for anyone, but Webb thought the challenge was well worth the reward.   

In the mid 1980’s Webb attended CSU Fresno for two years as a full-time student. In 1986 he chose to join the work force and stayed there until 2005. After that he had difficulty finding employment without a degree and decided it was time to go back to school. At the time, Webb was residing in Bakersfield and chose CSUB because he appreciated the convenience, and level of education it afforded. 

As a reentry student he found school to be a challenge at first. Webb enjoyed being an active student but felt there wasn’t a campus club that fit him perfectly. Webb decided to give the student club Japan and Beyond (JAB) a try. After having been involved in JAB, Webb felt he wanted to do more, and the idea of starting his own club was planted.

In 2011 after having been hired at Microsoft as a Merchandising Representative he became interested in the video game industry and decided to found a new club where he would be able to share his experiences with other students; and so, Campus Gamers was born.

Webb is the founder and currently the club advisor for Campus Gamers. The club got started with the help of Chris Cruz-Boone who informed Webb that club paperwork for a video game club had been signed to get the club started but the club had never formed. Having heard this, Webb knew there was an interest in a video game club at CSUB but he also wanted the club to be involved and have goals other than getting together to play video games. Webb did just that by creating objectives that would allow his members opportunities to volunteer and give back by performing community service.

He knew he wanted to educate the campus and community about video games.  The opportunity to bring a video game education panel of experts arose and Webb was up for the challenge. There were many hurdles in organizing the event. However, Webb did not give up, and brought a panel of experts to CSUB for the 2012 Education and Gaming Symposium. Webb successfully figured out the essentials and was able to generate enough interest and support to make the 2012 Education and Gaming Symposium a reality.

Never one to be content with just putting on an event, he heard about Extra Life, a fundraiser, and partnered with them to raise $4,300 for the local children’s hospital along with 80 participants in the organized gaming event he put together.

As Edward Webb reflects on his experience in college at Fresno State in comparison to CSUB, he enjoys and feels a part of CSUB because he was involved and created memories that he was able to share with others. “It amazes me to see students with jobs, going to school and being active in clubs on campus,” he said.

Webb hopes Campus Gamers will continue to grow and would like to see children in local schools become educated about gaming. He says educating children about creating hardware will show them the skills that are required to put a game together. “ If you teach a student they will want to know how it’s done and if you tell the student in order to get your character to move you need to know geometry and the student will say, ‘teach me geometry’.”

Webb won’t stop at a Bachelors degree. He is looking into getting in the Masters program for the Fall 2013 in pursuit of a Sociology degree.

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