Grad Profile: Lizet Vazquez, BA Communications, Minor in Marketing

Are you Ready? Let’s Hear It, Lizet Vazquez has Roadrunner Spirit!

Story by Breana Oliver, CSUB Public Affairs Intern

Photo by Irma Cervantes, CSUB Public Affairs Coordinator


Lizet Vazquez didn’t always picture herself in college. But once she entered the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program in 7th grade, her outlook completely changed. Through the program’s college tour section, she saw that attending a four-year university would better her future and thus began her drive to complete her higher education.

Recognized by her perky smile and infectious personality, Vazquez is known for her role as a CSUB Cheerleader and a vital member of the Runner Athletics Program. Having first joined the cheer squad during her sophomore year, Vazquez found her niche in college level competitive cheer. “The bonds and memories I have built with these girls are beyond what words can express,” said Vazquez. “For the first time in the history of the CSUB Cheer program, we won the Superior plaque at the United Spirit Association’s annual USA Collegiate Cheerleading and Dance Championship and that was a momentous occasion for us.”

In addition to her accomplishments with the group, Vazquez received a Spirit Star recognition, a ribbon designated for cheerleader chosen by the United Spirit Association members to audition for a spot on the squad, as well as a place as an All-American Cheerleader.

She hopes to utilize the skills and talents that she cultivated during her time at CSUB to enter the workforce as a journalist or marketing professional. “Ultimately, my wish would be to have the opportunity to work for ESPN and be able to broadcast and report at sporting events.”

Vazquez continued on her pathway to excellence through her commitment to community service.  With her annual participation in Running for Ronald Events, cheering at the Disneyland Half-marathons, and Relay for Life, Vazquez has created memories that will last a lifetime. “Overall, the friendship that I’ve made and the people I’ve met are what made my CSUB experience a great one,” said Vazquez. “By really putting myself out there, I was blessed with opportunities that I couldn’t even imagine and that made CSUB not just a school for me, but more like a second home.”

That commitment is an essential part of the legacy she leaves behind her at CSUB. “I’ll let you in on a little secret, life only becomes as hard as you make it,” said Vazquez. “If you have a good attitude and strong work ethic, everything else can be dealt with.” 

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