Grad Profile: Breana Oliver, BA Communications, Minor in Business Administration

Public Relations Student Leaves her Mark at CSUB

Story by Lizet Vazquez, CSUB Public Affairs Intern

Photo by Irma Cervantes, CSUB Public Affairs Coodinator


Breana Oliver always knew that attending college was in her plans. What she didn’t know however was the life-changing experience that attending a four-year university would offer. With encouragement and support from her family and friends, Oliver embarked upon her journey for higher education some 3 years ago; a journey that will be culminating on Friday, June 14th.

In addition to her graduation on Friday, Oliver will be the first female in her immediate family to graduate college, and with honors no less. “Though the degree is in my name, it kind of represents an accomplishment for all of my family,” said Oliver.  “They’ve always been really involved in my life, and for them, my college graduation is the culmination of all of their efforts.”

Since deciding to attend CSUB, Oliver became involved in campus activities and for two years served as the Chapter President of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). “Because CSUB is a small school in comparison to others, it’s really easy to immerse yourself into the campus culture and student life,” said Oliver and continues, “In doing that, I got to interact with a variety of students which made me a more well-rounded and mindful individual.” During her time with PRSSA, the organization earned two student leadership awards in Outstanding Membership Recruitment and Outstanding Publicity/Marketing Proposal.

Oliver’s professional mentor is her professor and PRSSA advisor Dr. Donna Simmons who has been with her since declaring her concentration in public relations and joining PRSSA. “She helped me to find the strengths within myself as a leader which in turn influenced the way I will handle myself in the professional world,” said Oliver. “She was always really encouraging and provided counsel when making decisions, but at that same time she granted me freedom implement my ideas and plans.”

With graduation around the corner, seniors are filled with mixed emotions, as they get ready for graduate school or search for careers. Oliver is no different. “Ideally, I see myself working in the public relations or marketing field and using the skill set that I’ve gained through my education and experiences to make an impact on whatever organization I work for and to mentor others.”

Reflecting back on her time at CSUB, Breana has found that the wealth of experiences and memories that she created during her time here will always be with her.  “I think that the best advice that I could give to the future and current students of CSUB would be to immerse yourself in all that CSUB has to offer,” said Oliver. “At the end of the day, you don’t have 100% control of what happens to you, but you do have 100% control of how you choose handle it. Be in the moment and most importantly, have fun!”

Post-script: A week before this went to post; Oliver accepted a full time position as Marketing Coordinator at ARRC Technologies. She begins employment on June 17. We wish her well.

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