Like father, like son

Personality Profile - FatherSon

Daniel (far right) and his son David (just to his right) Musick, with Daniel’s two other sons on the balcony overlooking the Washington DC Mall, during a road trip across the country last summer.

By Mary Landucci, CSUB Public Affairs Intern

Fellow CSUB students and father and son, Daniel and David Musick are achieving a life goal alongside one another. In 2014 Daniel and David will graduate from CSUB with double majors, Daniel with his double Bachelor of Arts in English, emphasis in Literature and Language, and David with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, emphasis in management. Their educational journey has been a challenging but satisfying experience, topped off with the unique opportunity to receive their diplomas side by side.

Daniel returned to education after nearly 20 years to fulfill a promise to his grandfather. For 15 plus years, Daniel worked as a master plumber and in 2005 retired from the business. It was then that he remembered the promise he had made to his grandfather that he would finish his education. In 2008, Daniel came to CSUB to begin the process of obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree. Here, his love of the English language and teaching blossomed and has now led him to pursue his teaching credential in the fall and eventually his Master’s and Doctorate Degrees. When asked about the importance of an education, Daniel said, “I would tell someone how important getting an education is to his or her success in life. The value of a college degree cannot only be measured in the financial benefits you will receive, but more importantly in the value of the interpersonal relationships and the life experience you obtain in the process. Most importantly, it is never too late, and never give up.”

About the same time that Daniel started at CSUB, his son David began his education as well. David spent two years at Taft College and then transferred to CSUB to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Science with a minor in Business. Once he started his business classes, David decided to pursue a double major in Business Administration. Currently, David is in training for a managerial career with a supermarket chain store in Cheyenne, WY. In a few years, he would like to return to CSUB to pursue his Master’s Degree. “My educational experience was well worth the time it took. My best advice to incoming students would be; never quit; never give up; it’s all worth it in the end,” said David.

Though it was never the plan, both father and son see graduating with one another as a unique privilege. David says, “It’s funny. We never planned to graduate at the same time. It just happened. I am very proud of my dad and eternally grateful we can share this experience together.” With similar sentiments, Daniel said, “I cannot express with words the joy and honor it will be to walk with my son through the graduation ceremonies. I am beaming with pride knowing he and I will receive our diplomas together. It will be one of the greatest events in my life.” Daniel and David are following in the footsteps of David’s sister Kandi, a graduate of the CSUB Nursing Program. Both father and son hope to see the rest of David’s siblings continue the family trend in becoming Roadrunner alums.


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